The Fluffy Squishy Thing

Good news: this is a FREE pattern!

Pick up your favourite colours, a few lonely or partial skeins, or even a whole bunch of leftovers, add some mohair and a squishy faux-brioche texture, blend all these together in the process of some soothing mindless knitting, and you’ll end up with your very own super-duper Fluffy Squishy Thing! You can then wrap yourself in it, get warm and cosy, and start purring like a cat!

This scarf is the perfect stash-busting mindless project! Organise your colours into a gradient or go crazy, use a mohair yarn or not…As long as you get something you like, you can adapt this pattern as you wish!
Also, it has been said that this textured faux-brioche stitch can be quite addictive… The result is a super warm fluffy squishy thing that is a dream once wrapped around the neck!

Required materials:

Yarn (for a 190cm long scarf): about 300g/1200m of fingering weight yarn & about 125g/1050m of mohair yarn

Needles: 5mm straight or circular needles

Gauge: no specific gauge required, as long as you get a fabric you like!

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Good news: this is a FREE pattern!