Cosy Adventurer

Books make great companions for any adventure – they will take you anywhere you want, across time, space and reality! This is why they should be kept cosy and safe, wrapped in soft wool and gratitude.

This pattern will take you through all the steps to make a perfectly fitted case for any book, may it be your favourite one or your most recent adventure companion!

Required materials:

Yarn: any weight will work, as the pattern is based on your gauge – for larger books I would recommend making sure you have at least 150g, otherwise 100g or less should be more than sufficient ; you could also use plenty of scraps and mix them as you go!

Needles: any size will work, as long as you get a gauge you like – the stitch used here is very tight, don’t hesitate to go down a size or two!

A book, a measuring tape and a calculator

Note: this pattern is written using centimeters – if you prefer to use inches, just use inches for your measurements instead of centimeters, the instructions will work just as fine!

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