Welcome to my little wooly home!

I am Clementine, a knitter, pattern designer and creative enthusiast. What you are likely to find here is a patchwork of many things: knitting projects, new pattern designs, other creative endeavours I might try my hand at, or anything that inspires me and makes me want to get creative… I am so pleased to welcome you all here in this cosy little space, and I hope it can bring you some peace and inspiration!

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moonlit stitches collection

Imagine a soft, quiet night, with stars shimmering in the sky and a gentle breeze revealing a full, round moon. Imagine a pair of mysterious women, leading their lives far away from the ordinary mortals, holding so much knowledge, so much power. Imagine all the things they do while the world is asleep, while the moon is shining, imagine all the magical stitches they knit by the pale blue light…

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